Friday, April 26, 2013

Where does the time go?

Good afternoon,

I'm leaving my comfort zone and trying to get connect with the world on a virtual level!

I have just completed a wonderful RWA class on social media.  So with a tiny social flame lit under my reluctant caboose, I got my official Facebook author page set up and ready to go.  Twitter is done, Blogger too, so I felt really good about myself until I checked the set-up dates on all my accounts and realized that I created all these links over two years ago!

Sigh...I had to ask myself the question, where did the time go? 

For me the past two years have been a blur of poopy diapers, dirty bottles, half written manuscripts and numerous wonderful lessons learned about the craft of writing.  But the good news is, two babies later, I am still here plugging away at my dream of being a published author.

And just so you know, I haven't been totally lazy!  I've won a couple of contests, including The Maggie Award of Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers.  I've had several requests for full manuscripts and a couple of rejections I celebrated.  So I can officially say, I'm actively working toward my dreams and I hope you are to!

The road to publishing is a long one.  It's filled with triumphs and disappointments.  Now that I have the technical side of writing firmly under my tool belt, I am excited to dive into the social side of things!  I am hopeful that the next few months will be full of only good news shared via Facebook and Twitter and hopefully regular blog posts!

Until then, enjoy the wonderful smell of Spring!


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