Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Steps

I have learned that starting a new career is like learning anything new in life. It takes time, patience and perseverance!

Did I mention a LOAD of DETERMINATION?

It's like watching a baby learn to walk. Inevitably bumps, bruises and tears follow, but there is finally a moment when she walks steadily into your arms with a huge grin on her face. And as a parent, you think, " was all worth it...and my back won't hurt as much anymore!"

Creating a new career is hard work! I think the dream of fruition is what keeps us all persevering! And you know what they say, "if you're going to dream...dream BIG."

What they should say is stop dreaming and get to work! So, I am pulling up my socks and getting down to business achieving my dream.

I have decided to chronicle my personal journey to becoming a published author! Yes, I am hopping in line with the millions of other lady writers in hopes of becoming the Next Big Thing!

What do I write, you ask? Romance of course! Afterall, love is the one thing that makes this world bearable. Don't you think? And I have loved the genre for more years than I can remember. In fact, I could have rooms relegated to books I have collected from my favorite authors like Linda Howard, Elizabeth Lowell, Nora Roberts, Diana Palmer. They are classics!

But don't feel like this blog isn't for you just because you are not a writer. Like Rachel Ray says, it's more about learning the technique and applying those lessons to the foods you like or, in this case, the dreams you want to achieve! I hope to impart some hard learned lessons so that maybe the steps to success are shorter and easier for people like you.

So here's to query letters, agent searches, contest entries, learning about websites, Twitter, and Facebook ( has passed me by!), and hopefully the day I get "The Call" to say..."You're going to be published!"

I hope that my experiences over the next few months (sigh...years?) will be inspiring and helpful to any others who have decided to follow their dream!

So move over Nora Roberts! Here comes Vanessa Moss!


Nessa....thinking if Nora Roberts read my current work in progress it might take a little less time to get published ;)

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